Lewisburg Arts Festival 2019

Come See Us Dance 

in the Lewisburg Arts Festival!

This Saturday, April 27
“Post Office Corner”: 3rd & Market Streets
12pm Dancers Meet, 12:45pm Showtime!

*All Dance Parents should have received an “Arts Festival” email on 4/22. Let us know if you need to be an added subscriber!


Performer Instructions:
12PM Dancers Check-In
with the Teacher holding the clipboard, floating between near the Post Office & the Dressing Room, red building.
12:00-12:30PM In-Costume & Photo Taking
12:30PM Dancers line up (with Teacher) on the Santander sidewalk.
The Line Up:
Team Tap Duo “I can do better” (Callie & Lauren)
Team Noell Tap Solo “Here” (Noell)
Team Tap Group “Boots” (TJL)
Mon Lyrical 1 Class “I see the light” (P) *as long as we have shoes*
Team Daniel Solo “Lost in Japan” (Daniel)
Julia Solo “Applause”
Team MT Group “Bushel & a Peck” (Callie & Noell, Kate & Cait)
Team HH Group “Bring Em Out Remix” (Daniel & Emm.)
Tues Jazz Class “I’m in Love with a Monster” (TJL)
Team Bri Solo “This is Me”
Lyr Group “Your Song” (Callie & Lauren)
Mon HHJF Class “Let Me Go” (Kate, Cait)
Mon HH Int Class “I Like It /New Rules” (Daniel & Emm.)
TH HHJF Class “2U”  (G, P, P)

Dressing Room:
*Above, Names/notes for more than one dance. Note quick changes.
*Dressing room in the Red building behind Santander Bank.  Make sure you keep all of your costume pieces & items together so nothing gets lost or left behind.

**Especially for the few, regular classes performing, be sure to ask your teacher THIS WEEK any hair or costume look questions.**

We can’t wait to see you perform, dancers!

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