We <3 Miss Megan Week

Week of April 15

Did you know that Miss Megan has been teaching at Downtown Dance all 4 years she has been a student at Bucknell University? This year, she graduates, so it’s time to share our memories & show our appreciation before she takes her final bow at Recital!


So how can you get involved & show your appreciation for Miss Megan?

Here are some ideas!

  • Draw her a picture (& sign your name)
  • Write her a card
  • Take a photo together
  • Give her a photo
  • Tell her why you love dance class
  • Show her your favorite dance step that she taught you
  • Share a memory from a past class together
  • Send DowntownDancePA@gmail.com your favorite Miss Megan/your dancer story or photo & we will share it on our Facebook page.
These are the classes Miss Megan teaches this year:

Mondays: Itty Bitty Ballet/Tap & Hip Hop Intermediate, 4:50-6:25pm
Tuesdays: Hip Hop/Tap & Itty Bitty Ballet/Tap, 4:50-6:25pm
Wednesdays: Ballet/Lyrical & Jazz/Hip Hop, 4:45-6:25pm, plus a Ballet solo
Thursdays: Performance Team Hip Hop, 4:45-5:30pm

“We LOVE Miss Megan” Week.   *Week of April 15*
Let’s all show her some LOVE.



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