Turn It Up Dance Challenge

We attended our first competition of the year, Turn It Up in Lancaster, on Sat. April 7 & Sun. April 8.  We brought 6 entries, ages 10-14: 2 tap solos, 1 ballet solo, 1 lyrical group, 1 hip hop group and 1 musical theater jazz group.

So how’d we do?
Our one tap soloist, Lauren, entered as a junior title solo entry. She earned a Platinum award, an invitation to be on the Nationals Dance Team, & 3rd runner up to the title.  Our other tap soloist, Noell, entered as a regular solo getting a High Gold award and a special judges award for “dancing in the pocket,” for her clear sounds hitting the music at just the right time, every time.  The lyrical & musical theater groups got High Golds, the ballet solo & hip hop got Golds. The Golds were just half a point and 1-point away from the HG distinction. We’re so proud of our dancers!

The team will perform at 12:45pm at the Lewisburg Arts Festival at 3rd & Market, then it’s off to the Groove competition the weekend of May 11!

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