Winter Break Dates

The studio will be closed Dec 19 through Jan 2. Classes resume on Wed. Jan 3, 2018.

If you are signed up for Bucknell halftime, we do meet during the break.  Come see us perform on Tuesday, January 2 at the 7pm Bucknell Men’s Basketball Game!

BU BBALL Court dance
Photo from Jan 2017 performance

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One Response to Winter Break Dates

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello Miss Christine! I’m not sure if a message got to you on Friday, but wanted to let you know that Jeremy and I were away on a trip and the kids stayed with family. We were notified that on Friday, the school called to send her home early because she was sick. My mom too her to the doctor that afternoon and that is why she was not at dance.

    Jeremy and I were thinking she may need a private lesson to get caught up. Thoughts?

    Thank you, Jen and Jeremy 57@-490–1883

    Sent from my iPhone


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