Back to Dance!

DD Shirt on JasmWe are a few weeks away from back to school & dance time! Dance classes start Tues. Sept 8th. Here’s our list of items to bring on your first day of dance class:
1. Dance Bagdance bag pic
-dance shoes
-hair ties (for future use)
-water bottle (& a before class snack if needed)
-notepad & pen *for song titles or other notes
2. Camera

Here are a few dancewear tips:
1. Capezio ultra soft tights are the brand to buy. They are the most comfortable and come in footed, footless, convertible, or capri length. Depending on size, you might be able to find them hip banded rather than waist. Get them in any color.
2. Beginner ballet dancers may get their ballet shoes from Tanya’s Dance Plus at the Street of Shops or in Montoursville, Payless, Discount Dance (TP43827 for 10% off your order), All About Dance, or any other online dance retailer. We have a few sizes available for sale in the office. Our shoes don’t have ties (which makes life much easier, you’ll see).  Older, more advanced dancers should have split sole ballet shoes.
3. Please tie & tuck your ballet shoe ties before class.  If the ties are long, trim them.  Be careful not to pull the ties too tight because it will be uncomfortable around the achilles tendon.
4. Dancers should be wearing leotards or tight fitted clothing. Tappers, this goes for you too! We need to be able to see those knees. Hip Hop, your activewear can be a little more loose, but no long, baggy pants.

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