What to Wear to Dance Class…

317371_10150936213995364_787990363_21503298_1524087393_nOnce you’ve registered for class, the next best thing is to buy a leotard, tights, and shoes in preparation for the first day!

Feel free to buy any style/color leotard.  Most of our younger students enjoy wearing a ballet skirt or tutu over top.  Please make sure that the skirt is not too big that the teacher cannot see your child’s legs.
This year, we have partnered with Curtain Call to bring you Capezio products.  They are our favorite brand with quality and lasting power.

We have an online store called Curtain Call for Class where you can view your class and the required attire.

Login at www.curtaincallforclass.com by typing downtown dance. Then wait a second to select downtown dance lewisburg pa.  Our password is dance2013.

Scroll down to view the list of classes.  Your class will be listed twice.  Once for required shoes and tights.  The other listing includes dancewear options.  Navigate through the site by utilizing the “My Studio” button on the top right or left side bar.  You may also use your browser’s Back button.  Add items to your shopping cart & have it shipped to your home.  Free shipping applies to orders $100 or more. Shipments should be received in 1-2 business days since the supplier is in York (ignore the date listed on the shopping cart page).

Not sure of your size? Be sure to click on the products’ size chart.  Shoes run the same as one’s street shoe size with the exception of the Fierce Dansneaker.  Order 2 sizes up if you have a Child size.  We have samples of the Daisy Ballet shoe, Jr. Tyette Tap shoe, and the E-Series Jazz shoe here in the studio if you would like to try them on for size.  The Jr. Tyette does come in wide width.

Other important notes on dress:
Ballet shoe ties must be tucked in for class.  Danskin ballet slippers from Walmart are not suitable.  Spandex shorts, ballet skirts, and tutus are acceptable dancewear.  No jewelry (stud earrings are okay). Hair is to be swept up away from the face.

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4 Responses to What to Wear to Dance Class…

  1. Sara Shambach says:

    I was one the site but the jazz shoes were adult sizes…were can I get shoes for the girls? Alexis would be size 1 and Morgan size 11.

  2. Sara Shambach says:

    On never mind found then :). what does the mean when it is with shoes size?

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